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2015 Candidates Forum

The New Lenox Chamber of Commerce presents the 2015 Candidates Forum. We hope that this program helps assist residents in making informed decisions when placing their votes on April 7, 2015.

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Order of Candidates
0:00 Mark Stevens, Intro from the Chamber of Commerce

Village of New Lenox Mayor Candidates
2:14 Timothy A. Baldermann
7:15 Ronald A. Sly
11:08 Andrew Englebrecht

Village of New Lenox Trustee - 4 Year Term
15:02 Keith C. Madsen
18:33 David L. Butterfield
21:37 Nancy Dye
26:31 Jasen Howard

Village of New Lenox Trustee - 2 Year Term Unexpired
30:28 Sally M. VanCura
33:46 Emily Johnson

New Lenox Community Park District
35:45 Garry Kraemer
40:17 Brian Fischer

New Lenox School District 122
44:40 Jennifer C. Babbington
47:52 Michelle "DeGroot" Rosenfeld
52:15 Jonathon (JP) Cohen
56:23 Nicole Swallow
59:41 Albert H. Haring
1:03:56 Maureen Flanagan Broderick
1:09:02 William Pender

Lincoln-Way High School District 210 Candidates
1:13:00 Christine Glatz
1:17:40 Ronald A. Lullo
1:22:26 Kevin L. Molloy
1:26:34 Chris R. McFadden
1:31:36 Joseph Spalla

New Lenox Fire Protection District
1:34:12 Joe Levey

General News

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State of the Village Address: September 30, 2014

In an effort to better serve the needs of the business community, the Village of New Lenox and the New Lenox Chamber of Commerce partnered with Mayor Baldermann to present a State of the Village Address.

Highlights from the program included:

-   WLS “At the Crossroads of Opportunity” Campaign
-   Housing Update
-   Commercial Development and Redevelopment             
-   Commons Master Plan
-   Nelson Road Extension
-   Rt. 6 and I-355 Update

Click here to watch the full presentaiton on YouTube courtesy of New Lenox Community TV - Channel 6.

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