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To:                   New Lenox Community Park District

From:               Emily Johnson, CEO, New Lenox Chamber of Commerce

Subject:            November 2014 Referendum

Date:                August 27, 2014


On behalf of the New Lenox Chamber of Commerce and its Board of Directors, I would like to extend our continued support of the New Lenox Community Park District’s November 2014 Referendum.

By voting to “retain” the current tax rate, not increase it, the Park District will be able to provide New Lenox residents with an increased quality of life via its facilities and programs. Through conversations with Greg Lewis, Executive Director, Shirley Braglia, Recreation Superintendent, and Lauren Lotz, Communications/Marketing Supervisor, the Chamber and its Board are confident that the Park District’s November 2014 Referendum is for the overall good of the community and would benefit both residents and business owners.

For additional information on the November 2014 Referendum, visit

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Defeated tax increases on employers totaling over $10 Billion.

  • 5% income tax extension
  • Progressive Income Tax
  • 3% income tax surcharge on “millionaires”

Stopped legislation that would have given Illinois one ofthe highest minimum wages in the nation.

Authored law to give employers neutral appeal of adversetax decisions.

Created streamlined permitting process at the Illinois EPA.

Drove workers’ compensation reform process.

Pushed through job creation “fracking” legislation.

Defeated a new service tax on deliveries.

Authored major portions and secured passage of stateprocurement.

Courtesy of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce

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